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joy the photos the movie that's the gateway to the ground in period. that george was that. you can go with such a socialist that you don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was photo as used to retreat. the top of on take out another target on their nato collaborators list as foreign troops begin withdrawing while leaving a questionable local force in charge. one bows out while another is bailed the murdoch media misconduct sees britain's most senior policeman quit x. news international chief for battle groups is arrested. cosmic companion for the hubble telescope of russia's own eye in the sky gets ready to seek out the secrets of our universe.
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in the russian capital you're watching r.t. on marina joshie a senior advisor to the afghan president has been assassinated by the taliban in the capital kabul the country's lawmakers was also killed in the attack but ask on less than a week after home it karzai his half brother who ran the south of the country was gunned down the taliban is stepping up its salt on afghan officials as nato combat troops begin their withdrawal from the war zone but u.s. intervention expert stephen leatherman says washington will want to keep its grip on afghanistan because waging war is looking to. the president and. the security. guards to utilize five minute. the resistance and of ghana spirit and want to
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liberate a country go take any opportunity they care to tug any you fish up it any way will it any turning not only under one hundred thousand u.s. troops oh thirty or forty thousand other troops here or way over a hundred thousand private security contractors you never discuss the nature of media so combat forces may come out of private security forces may go when you take their course america always is wars not just to win them but to wage them because the profits are so great the war profiteers won each wars waged ten billion dollars we know all of coal down a rathole every month besides the regular affairs appropriations for all of you were rationed this is money down or all going to the war profiteers
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analysts also say the violence in afghanistan is being precipitated by local security forces which contain drug addicts and those connected to the taliban a spineless nato began handing control over one of the country's thirty four provinces to the locals on sunday but there is concern there to divide untrained and ill equipped to fanned off the insurgency by themselves hasten a lot like reports from kabul. there's confusion on the faces of the afghan army soldiers as a firefight unfolds on the other side of the wall looking for them this is the kabul military training center and the bullets being fired blanks i mean here halfway through a ten week program and the officers don't cut the many slack when it's over they'll be deployed eastern province one of afghanistan's most violent corners and. we must push them hard so they can perform under pressure day by day we're making progress the afghan national army has already come a long way its ranks of swollen to about one hundred seventy thousand troops thanks to fresh waves of recruits attracted by higher wages and extra perks the soldiers
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insist they are all united in their desire to beat back the taliban with insurgency regardless of age or ethnicity then in the army we are old brothers and we are all called by one name. by a call of duty is also struck a chord beyond able bodied males a first ever class of women soldiers has just graduated its. and it is even a mujahideen unit made up of more than veterans of the it's a soviet you know this is all good news to u.s. military planners have set a two thousand and fourteen feeling to hand over security responsibilities to the afghans and the afghan army and there is a much better reputation in the police force is even good feature of the recent movie. but is the army takes greater responsibility for security around the country there are concerns that the quality of troops may be coming at the expense of quality at rush started as more than eighty percent of troops are literally a big problem in ability to real maps and numbers can spell the difference between life and adding to the woes are widespread drug use and desertion it's today
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roughly one in four combat soldiers quit their post critics also point out that the military leadership is made up of many rival ex warlords who still command loyalties along regional an ethnic lines and could drag the country deeper into cologne flat as the u.s. begins to scale back its role as custodian this summer there are concerns that these divisions may flare up if i suffer your true. these. groups are the groups who control if you. will for a young army that still has launched from before it can still need some juice in what it called for. the us may be on the move from afghanistan but it's not going far it's next focus is neighboring pakistan which has long been a thorn in the side of the war on terror with insurgents they are often sabotaging nato supply lines r.t.s. military contributor thinks the only way america can save face in afghanistan is to
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rid hill with its ties. they u.s. congressman hunter warns and the united states is seriously considering several options including the direct and kinetic intervention of the u.s. forces into pakistan to do decisively we've had a taliban and high ground in network training camps which were the same that the united states were so actively helping and assisting they could stand to waged a anti-suffrage jihad in afghanistan using the same heading proxy force led to me trained by pakistani intelligence which was actively supported by their american partners what happens right now in afghanistan is neither war no peace in reality the american occupation he's completely bogged down and they spare allies sound where in the trial i desire on b. to be in war and peace and now the u.s. lawmakers facing
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a very serious dilemma on the one side they're eager to blackmail pakistan we have the united states military intervention on the other side they are acutely aware the time has come for the united states to pack up and go home from afghanistan and to be exposed to the accusations that american exit plan is just cut and run so the only face saving opportunity right now for the united states to leave afghanistan these to rebuild that credibility gap we've pakistan and to get a permit for u.s. forces who are deployment from afghanistan to pakistan the small plan introduced couple of weeks ago could help the united states to avoid making the impression they just cut and run from afghanistan and on the other side it would meet again their respects widening then military hostilities for him again to stand pakistan and do you know. but a few minutes an hour it's either green card immigrants or
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a now see after winning american city lottery they're now being told no entry to their new lives tell you why. one of the last world war two era war crimes suspect is due to learn his fate we ordered from hungary. the resignations keep coming in the british newspaper phone hacking scandal now that the u.k.'s most senior police officer has quit sir paul stephenson was facing a growing backlash over hiring a former news of the world executive as an advisor who was later questioned about illicit phone tapping the axe police commissioner also took a swipe at the prime minister saying his choice of adviser was a decision mainly former editor and he calls it a rapid developments rebecca brooks who ran the paper was arrested as part of an investigation she quit on friday as remotest u.k. chief and is due to join him and he's son james facing m.p.'s on tuesday over an
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ethical reporting that fits and police bribery really aliceville recess plain officers for information has been going on for years but this is a good example of what the police have been doing in the kind of murdoch years they've been using a receipt been leaking they're being paid for telling people when some celebrities have been arrested so actually manipulating the rest of people i mean it's actually a practice that has become in trying to write you as a result of the thing so this would hardly be out of practice if but i don't think it's going to deflect the opinion i mean there are so many m.p.'s now and indeed so much of the british establishment which was so long to murdoch prepared to get to the bottom of this and read out those people who have been corrupted by different levels remember that four years ago police had these bags with i think it was a live one thousand letters about four thousand celebrities and victims of crime and all these other people and they knew they were taking part in this to. these
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were just left there i mean it's amazing it's remarkable that it took four years for them to do anything about this and meanwhile senior police officers were wining and dining with members of the murdoch empire they were meeting them for drinks privately one even hired them at a thousand pounds a day to work for him so you know what does this tell us about the relationship between the police and the news corp employees well it's very very serious and if this can happen at the top of the police look at the example that gives the officers there on down the lines now you could well you know can any organization properly examine itself put so much is at stake that if that operation is seen to be corrupted as well i think we've got you know an even bigger problem i think so many people now are watching it including you know members of parliament select committees these are the investigative qualities within the british political system they're all all eyes are on this let alone all the journalists who are looking at what's going on so i think the ramifications of this is so big i mean
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you know britain is in shaking at this each day it's headline news and people are asking who's next that's timing out of the back of groups or rastas raising a few eyebrows former british intelligence officer angus shines as it's more than a coincidence. it's very unusual to have someone that's close to the heart of the heart of power in the u.k. being arrested but i suppose based on a pretty factual evidence around this case it would be unavoidable for the police not to arrest her and said that of course it is a very long journey from arrest to being charged to being put on trial into being convicted so i suppose i'd be more surprised if she were charged and if it's just proceed towards a legal hearing i have to say that i think is the timing of this arrest is very interesting because it's highly highly unusual for someone to be a prearranged arrest to turn themselves into a police station and go through the rest process on a sunday and of course is just two days before she's cute repaired before the committee so now we're trying to sort of get out of jail free card account possibly talk about this is subject to legal proceedings so in
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a way i suppose one hundred slightly suspicious turn of mind one might think that the police taking this step at this stage. allowing her little wriggle room i shouldn't have to say too much and perhaps it's so we've had three too much about the leaks of the police service in london as well so it's very very interesting timing. for the cruiser that sank in the volga to be a lift of later on monday once the vessel is moved off its side what is one of the operations most difficult stages a chance to put the ship on an even keel resumed after a balancing slane ruptured on sunday the next task is to search the riverbed for fifteen missing victims and then raise the bow twenty meters to the surface investigators and relatives hope that definitive answers can be found as to why the ship sank but recovery crews say the work is complicated because the vessels dogging the silt at the bottom of the volga little gary went down in minutes leaving more than half of the few hundred eighty passengers with no chance to
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escape one of russia's more stepped up water disasters. our senior cause is closely following the recovery operation and as the background to the tragedy so keep up to date there and there's also our you tube channel or all our video reports of a cell this mission. russia's southern caucasus has been shaken by two deadly blasts in the chechen republic two policemen were killed and seven more injured when an explosion hit a special search operation in the mountainous region meanwhile an overnight blast and left another two policemen dead and three people wounded a roadside bomb detonated as a patrol car was driving through the city of species the blast also damaged a gas pipeline disrupting the city's supplies early reports suggest that the explosion was equivalent to six kills of t.n.t. i will bring you more developments in the region as we get out of. one of the last remaining nazi war crimes suspects will soon learn his fate and garion cored ninety
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seven year old hero is charged with the massacre of killing civilian hostages in serbia he was discovered living in budapest in two thousand and six and is one of the few left to stand trial for holocaust crimes sarah firth reports from hungary. it's been described as the world's most wanted not the he stands accused of the participation in the notorious massacre in the city of no east side in one thousand nine hundred sixty one thousand two hundred jewish and serbian people were killed by hungary and forces there the prosecution say that he is directly responsible for the deaths the thirty six jewish people thirty of whom were put in a lorry and driven away to be shot the courts already been adjourned he complains that he couldn't understand what was being said and the judge in the trial said that he wasn't sure the peano was even fully aware of what was going on and so in a german was called in order for him to receive
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a hearing and mental health assessment and that has been restarted in the verdict expected to be delivered its today that he's one of the last remaining suspected war criminals he was tried and convicted in one thousand nine hundred forty four but that conviction was quashed all of the the fascist government came into power in the same year the defense here is saying that according to hunger in law you can't convict someone of the same offense twice the prosecution say but doesn't stand up as his previous acquittal was due to political considerations and not evidence just a few months ago in may we saw the trial of the than demean you could come to an end he was sentenced to five years and the prosecution in this case is third that they've been pushing for that business sentence that's certainly going to be the verdict that they're hoping for today. so first reporting there but let's not take a look at some other stories from around the world lead the rebels are carrying out an assault on government forces in the eastern town of bragg home to one of the
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country's biggest oil facilities you know has also been targeting broken off forces in the area with days of intense bombardment your mind is trying to muster support for the rebels who have suffered heavy losses in recent days that he made another defined speed trap and we can't deny grew worse he was leaving he struggles to. well the months long revolt. moralise all clashes in syria the star between pro and anti-government protesters around thirty are thought to have died as a fighting force people began using firearms against each other last week three supporters of president were kidnapped and killed and they are dismembered bodies returned to their relatives anti-government dan'l scrag downs are thought to have killed over thirteen hundred people since it began in january. egyptian three leaders have undertaken a massive government reshuffle after public anger over a slow post revolution reform most of the points are to relative newcomers who are
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not linked with the regime of hosni mubarak and there are also conflicting reports about yasser president's health as mubarak is in a coma which doctors deny. but as well as president has transferred some powers to his ministers while he returns to cuba for cancer treatment experts warn that it which obvious his health issues could seriously affect the political situation in the country. the problem here being that he's regina counseled a lot of internal and external opposition adversaries and notably funded and supported politically economically and eventually to militarily baby united states of america and the united states is clearly. making its rejean change policies which we are seeing now in north africa and in the middle east bring them over to lacking in america show from the right i'm speaking from one as i was in argentina
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i'm particularly concerned that hugo chavez's health problems will debilitate will weaken the present government in venezuela and that can be seen as an opportunity by the united states or rather by the local power elite that operate from the united states to promote regime change in venezuela and if it starts and it is really that it will no doubt spread to other countries notably libya and perhaps even argentina that this habit telescope has been a space watching war horse for two lonely but now it gets to share the job of revealing the universe's biggest mystery a russian i in the sky is on its way to help out and it's packing the sharpest hills in galaxy and off now it was at the baikonur cosmodrome castle span to see it off. this is the moment a russian space scientists have been bracing for for decades the space observatory equipped with a cutting edge telescope a huge top in university as an enormous i. say further and deeper than ever
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before it's made it possible to observe the most mysterious the darkest and the most shadows the corners of our galaxy and other galaxies as well and stars even to be able to observe black holes and shed light on the bare dark nature of these huge enormous i will be able to provide detailed images detailed pictures of the universe with a resolution ten thousand times shop and then america's power boat so we can see all things happening so i'll let you enjoy the moment. if. it's this i was. gone. to believe.
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that it was strong magnetic false science here some time. ago stronger to hold explain something and make everything work within a month old to we will see tall to receive the first results means the first images of the universe from there good bye could have been able to speak to the heart of russian space agency was. talking and he believes this mission which is expected to last five years is something all humankind will be able to benefit from. repulsion from baikonur. well the telescope takes its place russia's space agency boss tells r.t. layer of the sour what he hopes at all see. foreign scientists not the russian ones certain or telescope is more interesting than the space telescope
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in terms of making new findings it's a very profound slimed sometimes a high degree of relativity of the final result it's difficult to forecast anything here at home school it's impossible to monitor the emergence of new stars and galaxies and radio frequencies and to see how the whole pool some schools and go to some statistical data on the basis of which it will be possible to predict the dynamics of development of our comets on the universe and to understand where we have all come from is what's waiting for us in the future in this respect this is a historical event which marks wilson's return to space science. can be tough getting a green card to live in america but average hero a lucky few thousand randomly hit the jackpot or so he thought accords rolled the latest lottery was just isn't arbitrary enough as carrying out immigrants invites art is going to tell explains. hoping for
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a better life in america court from nigeria applied for the green card lottery he won or so we've said in the letter that he received from the state department almost two weeks later the us voided the results of the lottery for some twenty two thousand people including a control court but i want a latin for of course that the lottery. it's one for each year the u.s. state department grants green cards to some fifty thousand people from around the globe the lottery where the jackpot is the right to live and work in america is advertised as completely random the state department claims in this case there was a computer glitch and the results were not arbitrary a computer programming error caused more than ninety percent of the selectees to come from the first two days of the registration period the victims of the blunder have joined in a class action suit against the u.s.
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state department and lost the court here has been struggling with the issue of randomness asking how could the result of the green card lottery not be random even if there had been a computer glitch as the state department claims one of the arguments is that even an error like that could produce a random result and the whole idea behind the green card lottery is that whoever you are whatever you do you can win it but this case very well undermined that perception experts specializing in information technology say the decision of the state department as well as the court that dismissed the case defies simple logic rhonda means that if only records if all the tracks are on your cd player where you can. you may get tracks three four and five and track twelve. the state department has brought up intricate technical arguments to explain the blunder but thousands of its victims say they have the feeling that someone has gambled with
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their lives and we believe that america can get us on. an issue down our t. washington d.c. . now green card required for your access all areas pass through our website and here's what's going out now at our. savvy was more than a hundred masterpieces going to show from the greatest russian ruler of all time this part of the palace is crowning summer season. and a formula one frenzy in the heart of moscow we report on the mean the scenes out of the annual city racing show celebrate r.t. dot com for more. well more revelations in our new sports in just over twenty minutes time as biden returns to moscow three years before the city gets its first formula one grand prix club before that will take a look at what's happening and the world of business math reza joins us next.
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hello and welcome to your our chief business bulletin i treasure the european banks start their week in a mixed mood most relieved passing the stress test but there is still wide open to solve or in shock from bad debt with the u.s. and europe investment analysts though think that could open doors for russian lenders. the german banks in particular were exposed to toxic assets in the united states. the german banks for example were exposed to iceland they had nineteen billion dollars of exposure to iceland. and the irish goings the english banks are also not feeling very well. the. u.s. banks are still suffering from their exposure to toxic assets so within this area within the euro asian market the russian banks which is known through the crisis relatively well arch lee position. with cash
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to go out and spend money and buy up. relatively good assets been in europe and so this purchase my spurred by we'd be a international is a first step and we may see some of the commercial banks. following suit doing the same sort of thing. take a look now with the markets or oil is lower with investors concerned about worsening bad crisis in europe may slow the economy and we are in fuel demand turning to asia the hang seeing is flat to positive help a report showing home prices rose in china mainland stocks are leading the gains bucking the trend are europe related stocks japanese markets are closed for a public holiday. here in moscow yards he has eyes open in the red the my sex about to start trading russian markets ended the previous week mixed values were down as many people were away on holiday and direction remained unclear.
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industrial output speeding up in a rush or it grew almost six per cent in june year on year compared with four percent in may car production a key driver in the sector benefiting from higher demand and investment activity have always to expect even faster growth in the coming months i mean low interest rates and cooling inflation. russian tourists seem happy to splash the cash abroad as much as splashing around on the beach citibank says holiday makers spending outside the country grew twenty eight percent year on year to one hundred forty million dollars outsized level since two thousand and seven with russians mostly prefer to spend their vacation cash in the u.s. italy and great britain. general impression that russia has bones back to pre-crisis the dinner impression the you know it was the cost of particulary the range where the pretty much stable micro cannot make a situation in russia people feel more confident. and that brings you up to date
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this hour or more coming your way in the next hour a business report any time at r.t. dot com slash business maureen is up next with outlines. forty two thousand american strike each year car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill
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themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part diseases even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. dems be official on t.n.t. cation joint called touch from the q sampson. joel chief michael mcgirr. video on demand g.'s minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call she told call. wealthy british science example.


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